New studies of interest to the tourism industry

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Below, we share the following studies and / or documents particularly useful for the work they do tourism businesses of various sizes and sectors; and relevant to the development of the global tourism industry.

Channel Community Management (in English only)

Published by Iveth Garcia with new trends in Channel & Community Management regarding tourism at international level conducted by operators at ExplorePartners in Gran Roque in countries like Argentina, Cayman, Bimini and Grenada. Go to the study (+)

Global Report on gastronomic tourism (in English only)

Published by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the paper analyzes the current situation of food tourism at international level since studies conducted by affiliated members of the WTO, reflections of professionals with extensive experience in the area. It provides case studies on innovative initiatives such as the organization of European Euro-toques chefs; besides culinary tourism experiences of countries such as Brazil, Egypt, Korea and Moscow, among others. Go to the study (+)

Sustainable Tourism Development Guide (available in English)

Published by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), with funding from the Directorate General of the European Commission for Development and Cooperation. This guide provides guidance to evaluate the importance of the tourism sector, to identify opportunities for the development of sustainable tourism, action planning and improving the sustainability of projects. Go to the study (+)

Report on insertion of Adventure (available in English)

Posted by T & T - Travel & Tourism, this report presents the results of a survey that used the database of tour operators, activity providers and travel agents VTT. It includes information and assessments on itineraries, experiences, trends, future challenges and opportunities for tourism around the world. Go to the study (+)

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